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Hollywood Storytelling from an Independent Filmmaker

Zomance Takes Over The Dead Walk Fest 2015

My feature film, “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance” takes over Chicago Illinois at the 2015 Dead Walk Fest Film Festival on March 28th and 29th. But it doesn’t stop there, the festival directors loved Chip & Bernie so much they googled their past work and found our short film, “Chip & Bernie’s Dating Guide for the Zombie Apocalypse” and asked to screen this movie also.

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Chip & Bernie’s Zomance Wins Award of Excellence


The prestigious International Film Festival for Documentary, Short, and Comedy has once again proved that they have great taste in films by awarding my feature film, Chip & Bernie’s Zomance with the Award of Excellence. The highest prize in the feature comedy film category. Over five hundred films were submitted and only six were picked in the comedy feature category.

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Starting the Year with Snow at Joshua Tree

On 03, Jan 2015 | No Comments | In Wildlife & Nature | By Pasquale Murena


Spending New Years day at Joshua Tree National Park is something that I suggest everyone to experience, especially after a light snowfall. I spent a great deal of my childhood in the high desert of California where Joshua Trees were common, in my yard I even had two of them but I am still amazed when I see them. The average lifespan of a Joshua Tree is 150 years old, that means you, your kids and their kids can all see one of these trees in your lifespans, that is exciting.

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Never Miss an Opportunity


If you bring your camera on a trip pull it out. A missed opportunity is a wasted memory you could have to think and smile about on a cold day. You can say the same about a photograph, I go on many trips for work and I usually don’t have time to take photos even when I bring my camera. I have decided to never do that again, never miss an opportunity and never leave your camera in a bag.

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Riverside Festival of Lights as Never Before

The Festival of Lights at downtown Riverside, California has always been one of my favorite spots during the holidays since I first went their with my family as a child. It is a magical playground of holiday festivities at the historic four star Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.


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Isolated Leaf on Winter Solstice

On 21, Dec 2014 | One Comment | In Wildlife & Nature | By Pasquale Murena


A single leaf split in two on a single branch from a single tree. I took this last winter in Yosemite, you can see the Ahwahnee Hotel in the background if you look hard enough. I love this time of year, the people in my life make the holidays brighter than they have ever been. Read more…

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