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Chip & Bernie’s Zomance: Chip vs Zombie

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Tim Conway in Dorf with Rudolph

Tim Conway in Dorf with Santa’s Transporter

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Hamilton Comedy Film Festival Loves Zomance

28th September 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Chip & Bernie’s Zomance at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival


Adding zombie comedy to the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival is what we will be doing this weekend with my feature film “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance”. The HCFF takes place in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, birthplace and home for some of the funniest people in the world: Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Ivan Reitman, The Imponderables, Jason Rouse.

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Day Trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains

16th September 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Flowers in the Colorado Rockies

A half day trip through the Colorado Rockies was not nearly enough time, especially since we didn’t get to see the sunset or sunrise. I can only imagine how the views would look during a sunset.

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Desert Cloud at Sunset

11th September 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Desert cloud at sunset

Over the Labor Day weekend I was celebrating with family and friends when my wife pointed out this cloud to me, like a dash we took off to photograph this image. The colors looked exactly like this and I used no filters to capture this image.


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