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Zomance Joins Fright Night Film Festival

16th October 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Zomance joins Fright Night FF

One of the largest film festivals of it’s type in Mid America the 2015 Fright Night Film Fest runs from Oct. 16th – 18th, 2015! My feature film Chip & Bernie’s Zomance will be screening with films from around the world.

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Adding Comedy to Horror in the Hills

13th October 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Horror in the Hills Film Festival Welcomes “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance”

Since Halloween is just around the corner it’s only fitting that the Horror in the Hills Film Festival starts this weekend and in Gatlinburg, TN. My feature film “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance” is one of the few films selected to be screened at the festival this year.

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Hamilton Comedy Film Festival Loves Zomance

28th September 2015 By Pasquale Murena

Chip & Bernie’s Zomance at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival


Adding zombie comedy to the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival is what we will be doing this weekend with my feature film “Chip & Bernie’s Zomance”. The HCFF takes place in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, birthplace and home for some of the funniest people in the world: Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Ivan Reitman, The Imponderables, Jason Rouse.

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